Over time, your computer’s hard drive becomes fragmented. What this means, is that there are hundreds of files broken up in several locations across your hard drive. This can cause your computer to slow down because it has to look for the information in different files. This is why it is so important to defragment your computer. What defragmenting does is it reorganizes the fragmented files and it speeds up the computer.
How often you use your computer, will help you decide how often to defragment it. If you keep your computer on everyday and never turn off, you never have to defragment it. The reason for this is because it automatically does it. If you use your computer just part of the time and turn it off, once every couple of weeks is fine. But if you are a heavy user it is a good idea to do it once a week.
It is easy to defragment your computer. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Click on your ‘start menu’. Then click in the ‘Computer’ icon.
2. Next, you right-click the disk you wish to defragment. Next you select ‘Properties’.
3. The next step is to click the ‘Tools’ tab and select ‘Defragment now’.
4. Next click ‘Defragment disk’. If you are not sure if you even need to defragment the disk, you can select ‘Analyze disk’. This will tell you how to proceed.